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Fascinated by the intrinsic power of Nature and its elements, we offer simple, yet profound tools and products that can help you to achieve your health goals.

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Our passion is to manufacture colloidal dietary supplements of the finest quality, that offer a high level of effectiveness. We use the latest development in colloidal technology and combine it with the best raw materials and knowledge about vibrational medicine principles

For the past 15 – 20 years I have had trouble with my hands. For no reason that I have been able to find they will start itching. I then, in turn will scratch, rub, put in cold water or whatever I can do to ease the itch. I have tried many creams and lotions to stop the itch – after it stops I am left with red swollen and blistered throbbing hands. The skin then dies and becomes very hard and dry like leather. When I started using your cream, within hours of use I noticed the redness was going away. I kept using the cream and found out the skin did not dry out to the extent that it had before, the skin stayed very smooth and supple – I have never found anything like it before. Thank you once again.”

Joy Lake, Kumeu

About Us:

Hi, thank you for your interest in Origin Health. We are a family business dedicated to offering you simple, yet profound tools and products that can help you with your health goals.

We’re fond of curiosity which leads to innovation; we believe you are too.

We combine the skills of our amazing technician (who happens to be a perfectionist) with the inquisitive mind of our qualified natural health practitioner. In this way we create or endorse products that are of outstanding quality! Quality, not only rated by commonly known standards (e.g. the utmost purity of raw materials being used, independent laboratory tests etc.) but also in regards to new ones. In fact, we love to set new standards.

We love simplicity which leads to effectiveness.

Trace minerals seem rather ‘basic’ but are highly effective! Our customers love the versatility of our Colloidal Silver, the quintessence of our Colloidal Gold. Just integrate our Salt (this one is special though) in your daily routine and enhance your health…it’s simple.

We’re focused on healing which leads to empowerment.

Our caring practitioner is specialised in kinesiology. This health modality offers comprehensive tools that give you the insights and help you need to optimally activate your ability to heal yourself.

We welcome your enquires and feedback and looking forward to being of service.